Updates and General Information

25 October 2011
  • The John K. Cannon Squadron attended the area conclave in Salt Lake City, UT, also known as JAZZCON.  Several business items were discussed and taken care of.  The guest speaker, Colonel Day, gave an excellent message to the AAS and SW members.
  • One squadron level business meeting was held to plan future fund rasing activities for NATCON registration and other events.  The Cannon Squadron commander, Will Petty, is very optimistic about the upcoming months.
  • Once again, the squadron returned to the American West Heritage Center to clean up garbage that the neighbors had complained about.  As always they were very grateful for the service.
10 October 2011
  • The squadron, along with the Silver Wings chapter, did a great service project where they went to the American West Heritage Center and helped them shuck corn and tie the stalks together.  The employees were greatful for the service and said there is always something that needs to be done.  After, the squadron and Silver Swings went to Charlie’s for ice cream.
19 September 2011
  • On Tuesday 13 September the John K. Cannon Squadron was priveliged to hear from two retired USAF Colonels: Joseph and his son Joseph Nichols.  They had had quite some interesting experiences during their careers.  They spoke about those and gave the Active members some advice on how to be successful in their own careers in the future on active duty.
  • Last Saturday was the chili cook-off in Ogden, Utah at the Hill Aerospace Museum.  It was a good time even though the squadron did not win any awards.  Air Force service members from Hill AFB also brought over a few weapons they train with and let the people touch them and ask questions.
9 September 2011
  • The John K. Cannon Squadron had their first meeting of the year.  It was a great event.  Cadet Trainers Mojazza and Owsowitz have already started the Candidate Training class.  There were over ten candidates present.  Much was said about commitment, teamwork, and putting forth your best effort.  It will be a great semester with the Squadron already starting into the semester with the candidate class.
  • After the Candidates left the Active members had a great meeting.  Cadet William Petty and Honorary Member Tom Broschinsky spoke about the coming semester and year with all the events planned.  There will be fundraising efforts, service projects, professional development by way of having guest speakers, and much more.  The coming year for the John K. Cannon Squadron will be a great one.
  • 28 February 2011
Sadly, I’ve not kept up on the happenings within the Squadron.  Let me provide the run down.
  1. Three members of the Squadron received awards for outstanding work: Cadet Mojazza as Outstanding Squadron Commander, Cadet Broschinsky as Outstanding Public Affairs Officer, and Cadet Ellsworth as Outstanding Cadet
  2. We doubled our Squadron size by initiating 12 cadets.  It has been great to have the additional help especially with all that is going on this semester
  3. The Squadron has helped in three separate Spectrum clean-ups and is looking towards their fourth and final clean-up this upcoming Thursday.  This has helped provided much needed funding for 2Cure Cancer and socials held throughout the semester
  4. 2Cure Cancer now has an official website, 2curecancer.org, and has been given the official approval from North Logan City for the permit.  The only hurtles now are USA Cycling and USA Track and Field to provide the insurance…oh, and getting participants.  So long as we have 50+ participants, we can donate $1,000 to Logan Regional Hospital’s Cancer Center.

In other news, next month the Squadron will be voting for a new Commander and Staff.  We have several actives gearing up to head to AMERICON and they are all extremely excited.

  • 8 December 2010

– So, in the midst of getting JAZZCON under way, they now have a website.  It is slowly being built and everything on there is NOT set in stone, repeat, NOT, set in stone.  So prices and information will change.

– Candidate Day went wonderfully well.  Our squadron has nearly doubled in size now!  It was a great climax to a great semester of many memories.  Now the new actives have their pins, fourages, and will soon have their ribbons.

-Though the semester is winding down, the squadron is still going.  On the 20th, the squadron along with anyone else they can get will be cleaning the Spectrum after a women’s basketball game.  It is guaranteed a $250 directly to the account of the Squadron.  With all the events and things that Cadet Mojazza wants the squadron involved in, it will help a great deal.

  • 6 December 2010

– Hey folks, tell alumni and other people that they can now donate to the squadron.  The link is up at the top right of the squadron site.

  • 8 November 2010

Updates for the past month.

1.  The John K. Cannon Squadron will be Area Staff next year!  This hasn’t happened in several years and is extremely exciting for such things to occur.  Cadet Mojazza was voted in as the new Area Commander which will take affect following NATCON 2011.

2.  ARCON will be co-hosted with the University of Utah.  Exact dates and venue are being worked on.  ARCON will be called JAZZCON for 2011.  However, the cadets in charge are hard at it already so it can truly be an awesome event.

3.  Lt Col Patterson from the Army came and spoke to the Squadron.  It was an hour emphasis on the core values, in particular about integrity and the finer points that make up that specific trait in an Air force Airman.

4.  Candidate class is starting to wind down.  There are currently over 11 candidates who have completed the training thus far and will be initiated next month!  This one class will nearly double our current squadron.  It will be great to include their talents and abilities.

  • Meet & Greet with AFA

We had our meeting with the AFA on 5 Oct.  It went great.  Cadet Mojazza did a great job at relaying her vision of the Squadron as well as our need for the upcoming year.
A good portion of the meeting was dedicated to going over Bike for a Cure.  The AFA seemed interested in the event and provided some ideas on sponsors as well as getting the event advertised to a greater population.

Another item C/Mojazza brought up was the desire to host ARCON jointly with the UofU.

All in all, it seems like the meeting went well and so long as the Squadron keeps improving, help will come.